Thomas Nickell in Article on Steinway Pianos for Austria's VON Magazine

An article that appeared on Thomas in an Austrian magazine called VON.  It is available at the following link:, or accessible via this PDF from the magazine. 

We have included full English translation below for your consideration. 

Magic Sound and High Tech

A Steinway & Sons grand piano is something special. Craftsmanship and decades of experience are passed on from generation to generation - the Steinway sound is considered the measure of all things.

Beginning next spring an innovative Spirio player piano system will be available that offers extraordinary musical experiences. 

by Andrea Harris



Everyone who works at Steinway is proud of what he does. And it is precisely that that makes our instruments so special," Detlef Glagowski, who has been working at the Hamburg factory since 1988 is convinced. This vibe is absolutely palpable when you visit the factory. There's concentration and relaxed stillness in the air. Every motion is perfect, everything is done with care. Decades of experience are passed from generation from master to apprentice, often from father to son or daughter. Real artisans work here who fully identify with the product and are proud that they - as Henry E. Steinway once said - build the “best pianos possible.” 

It takes about one year until a piano leaves the factory. According to Steinway nine out of ten concert pianists as well as many professional and hobby pianists choose a grand piano or a piano from their factory in Hamburg or New York, because “a piano without Steinway is like a singer without a voice,” as Rudolf Buchbinder once opined. Lang Lang states: “If I am to play my best, there is no way but Steinway” and the young artist Thomas Nickell, celebrated as the American Mozart, says: “I have been lucky enough to have always had a Steinway. Therefore, I learned to play on that great instrument and developed a very strong connection with it.”

What makes a Steinway and its sound so special? Probably the mentioned craftsmanship, which is said to be worlds apart from the competition. Form and function perfectly complement each other. Steinway strives for perfection, accepts no compromises, has bought suppliers in order to be able to control quality. The sound boards are as precisely milled and shaped as corresponds to the musical intent, to name only some of the reasons. And: of course the tuner plays an important role, because sound is also subjective.

Despite all of this tradition, the company is of course also in touch with the times. One year ago Steinway announced in New York the greatest product innovation of the last 70 years: Steinway Spiro - the high-resolution player piano exclusively for select grand pianos, which will be also available in Germany starting in March of next year. Spiro was created in collaboration with Wayne Stahnke, who is considered one of the most innovative minds in the in the field of modern high-resolution playback systems. The technical masterpiece achieves unprecedented precision in the reproduction of live performances and offers a particularly musical experience.

With the Spirio player system you get the entire Steinway & Sons music catalog and an iPad, which offers access to a continually growing library with only a touch. It contains top recordings, which are exclusively recorded directly in the best quality in the studios in New York by Steinway artists. New music files are added each month and automatically listed in the app so you can experience artists such as Lang Lang, Yuja Wang or Joja Wendt up close and personal at home - almost as if the pianist were playing the grand piano live. 


The young American pianist Thomas Nickell is considered to be an extraordinary talent. Of course he plays a Steinway.


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A piano for generations        Only the best materials are used

Passionate master craftsmen apply experience     ...and handle each piece like a costly treasure

A Steinway piano is a perfect work of art